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Terms & Conditions

Sune Rowe Photography will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the customer as a result of, inter alia, the following:

  • Force Majeure
  • Fire,
  • Hijacking, theft and related events,
  • Malfunction of equipment, (I always have back up)
  • Loss of negatives, memory card and/or digital information etc by the development laboratory,
  • The photographer will not be held responsible for unknown damage of film,
  • The undersigned agrees to waive any claims of negligence, breach of warranty or contract, mental harm and distress.


  • I consent to judgment in terms of section 57 and section 58 of the Magistrates Court Act, to be obtained against me in order for Suné Rowe Photography to collect any outstanding and due amount from me.
  • Should I default in any part payment or instalment payment, due and payable, I consent to the whole outstanding balance to become payable immediately.
  • I consent to the payment of all legal costs, should Suné Rowe Photography have to institute legal action against me, at attorney and own client scale, plus interest.
  • I also consent to payment of collection commission and tracing agent's fees.
  • The photographic and studying material generated, and or furnished by Suné Rowe, will remain the property in all respects of Suné Rowe until full and final settlement of all outstanding fees has been affected.